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Can your units be powered by a generator?
Is the unit ready to operate when it arrives?
Does Polar Leasing connect the rental unit to my electrical service upon delivery?
What type of electrical connection do I need for the walk-in units?
What type of electrical connection do I need for the trailer units?
Can I use an extension cord with a trailer unit?
Can I rent shelving or exterior food cart ramps?
Are the rental expenses tax deductible?
Can I purchase the unit I am renting?
How does your cost compare to renting a refer truck?
Who sets the unit in place once it arrives to my location?
Do you provide services to small events or even private use?
How does your unit differ from a refer truck?
Are Polar Leasing units more suitable for outdoor use versus a metal skinned panel box?
Why is it easier to use a Polar Leasing unit than to rent a refrigerated box truck?
I can rent a 40 foot refrigerated shipping container. Why should I consider renting a Polar Leasing refrigerated container instead?
How does Polar Leasing differ from all the mobile container rental companies such as PODS, Go-Mini's, Mobile Mini's, etc.?
What are my options for operating temperatures?
Are Polar Leasing units only for temporary refrigerated storage?
Are there any restrictions on the type of product I can store in your units?
How do you handle repairs if I have a problem with my rental unit?
What sizes are your refrigerated trailers?
What sizes of walk-ins do you offer?
How quickly can I get a unit?
How many units are available?