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Pharmaceutical Job

Polar Leasing is the perfect choice for temporary refrigeration needs in any manufacturing or laboratory environment.  With vast experience in these sectors, Polar Leasing has fast become the leader in short term commercial refrigeration and environmental test chamber rentals. 

Product Storage

Polar Leasing units offer accurate temperature control for temperature sensitive product storage; along with the flexibility to move the refrigerated unit to various parts of your facility, as areas of need change.  Units are available in various sizes and operating temperatures and are easily secured to keep high value product safe.

Environmental Test Chambers

Our environmental  test chambers make laboratory testing available on a rental basis; allowing testing labs to expand their services or for manufacturers to conduct on-site testing.  Polar Leasing also offers a specialty storage fleet; offering the convenience of switching the unit from a cooler to a freezer (or vice versa), with the touch of a button.

Units set directly on the ground, providing a safe work environment and convenient access for continuous testing evaluation.